The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has a robotic ball-shaped camera drone called Int-Ball floating around the International Space Station, and for the first time ever it has released videos and images captured by the camera.

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The drone, which measures 15cm in diameter and was delivered to the ISS on June 4th, was created using 3D printing technologies; with it, flight controllers and researchers on Earth can watch video from the ISS in real-time.

JAXA hasn't detailed the type of camera used with Int-Ball, saying only that the robot features 'existing drone technology.' According to a report in The Japan Times, a dozen propellers enable Int-Ball to navigate in any direction while a variety of inertial sensors, ultrasonics sensors, and a camera make navigation possible.

JAXA says Int-Ball frees up about 10% of the ISS crew's time for other tasks... so there is some use for it beyond adorable ISS drone marketing.