In a display on the edge of its Photokina booth Olympus is showing off a prototype of its "Open Platform"  camera module which has been designed in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. We are being told the device is still very much in prototype stage, so no detailed specifications are available, but we do know that the module will come with a Four Thirds sensor and be controlled via a W-Fi connection to an Android or iOS mobile device, similar to Sony's QX series smart lenses.  

The prototype design is very boxy.
On top of the device you'll find a shutter button and hotshoe.

At the front of the rather boxy design a Micro Four Thirds lens mount allows you to attach a large selection of lenses from Olympus, Panasonic and third party lens makers. On top you'll find a shutter button and flash hot-shoe but there is no screen. The concept is based on on open platform and Olympus is developing an SDK to allow developers to build smartphone apps to control the module. There is still some uncertainty about potential use cases and the company is also conducting a study with developers and the public to find out what features and design characteristics potential users would want.

There is some more information about the project on the poster below and you can also head to the Open Platform Community website to find out more about the project and how you can participate in the ongoing studies.