It's been just over two months since firmware version 1.4.0 for the EOS R was released, but Canon is back at it again with a minor firmware update that adds support for a new lens and addresses a number of small bugs.

Firmware version 1.6.0 doesn’t bring any major autofocus changes as firmware version 1.4.0 did, but it does add support for Canon’s new RF 85mm F1.2L USM DS lens and fixes a number of issues:

  • Corrects a phenomenon in which the function or setting value assigned to the control ring may change when the control ring is operated in Eco mode.
  • Corrects a phenomenon in which the camera may stop operating properly during “auto-transfer” when using Camera Connect with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Corrects a phenomenon in which high-speed synchronization with the use of an external flash may not operate properly depending on the camera’s setting for C.Fn2 “Set shutter speed range”.

Firmware version 1.6.0 is available to download on Canon USA’s website.