Prism Lens FX has launched a new line of lens filters that have built-in prism effects. The Variable Prism Filters are being sold as a three-filter bundle and individually with three different filter options: Prism, Chromatic Flare, and Split Glass. Each product is offered as a 77mm rotating filter alongside an optional 82mm to 77mm step down ring.

The Variable Prism Filters offer unique effects without the need to hold items in front of the lens. All three products are recommended for use with 50mm or greater telephoto lenses and a 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 aperture. The Prism filter is designed to add bokeh and flares to images, while the Chromatic Flare filter adds streak / anamorphic flares and the Split filter adds fractal / light leak effects. Below is a gallery of sample images captured with the filters:

Recent Videos

Preorders are now available with each filter priced at $75 and the three-filter bundle at $195. Shipments are expected to start in mid to late April.