Ritchie Roesch, creator of the Fuji X Weekly blog, has released Ricoh Recipes, a new mobile app that includes a list of 40 film simulation recipes you can use on Ricoh’s line of GR cameras.

Roesch previously released a similar app for Fujifilm film simulation recipes, but this time his focus is on Ricoh’s Ricoh GR, GR II, GR III and GR IIIx camera models. Like Fujifilm’s Film Simulation mode, Ricoh’s GR cameras also have the ability to bake-in image adjustments to JPEGs for straight-out-of-camera images that are already edited to fit your aesthetic preferences.

You can find a screenshot of all the included film simulation modes here.

The app features a fairly straightforward database-style design and features 20 recipes for Ricoh’s HR and GR II cameras, as well as 20 more for Ricoh’s GR III and GR IIIx cameras. In addition to providing the recipe, which you will need to manually enter into your camera, each recipe includes sample photos captured with that preset and a field for adding your own notes to each recipe for referencing later.

The app, which is available for Android, iOS and iPadOS, is free to download and includes the 40 recipes mentioned above. There’s also an option to become a ‘Ricoh Recipe’s Patron’ via an in-app subscription of $11.99 per year. This subscription gives you the ability to filter the recipes, favorite recipes and also includes additional recipes not included in the free version.

Roesch notes these recipes will not work on Ricoh's GR Digital (GRD) camera models.