Kenko Tokina, who is currently responsible for handling the customer service and repairs for Konica Minolta cameras and meters, has announced it is ending customer repair services for all Konica and Konica Minolta cameras, as well as all Minolta meters.

In an announcement on Kenko Tokina's website yesterday, the company says it will 'no longer offer repair services and customer service support [...] Due to the exhaustion of repair parts and the aging of measuring instruments.' This went into effect yesterday, November 15, 2022.

As a result, the following products will no longer be supported:

  • All types of Minolta Auto Meter
  • All Minolta flash meters
  • All Minolta color meters
  • All Minolta spot meters
  • All Minolta exposure meters
  • All types of Konica cameras (including Konica Minolta cameras)
The last Konica Minolta camera to be announced was the 6MP DiMAGE Z6 system.

While this is unfortunate news, it's rather impressive that support held on for as long as it had, considering the 6MP Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 (the company's last digital camera) was released back in 2005. For comparison, that's the same year Canon's original EOS 5D full-frame DSLR was released.

In its announcement, Kenko Tokina thanks customers for their 'continued support and patronage' of its products and 'apologize[s] for any inconvenience.' Kenko Tokina[^] directs consumers with any further questions to contact the Kenko Tokina Customer Service Center.