CamFind claims 85 percent accuracy in its image searches.

Released in Apple's App Store yesterday, CamFind is a free app that searches the web for your just-snapped subject matter. Users take a photo with their iOS device (running iOS 6 or later) and CamFind will identify the subject and show similar images, price comparisons and more search results.

Playing with the app at home, CamFind correctly identified all of my breakfast cereals and took me to correct search results.

CamFind works as a QR/Barcode reader and language translator, and can also search for text of audio you've recorded.

Bargain hunters can use CamFind to search for the best prices and travelers can search the web for the landmarks they have just photographed. With the addition of the translation tool, CamFind could also come in quite handy when trying to find your way or trying to decipher, for example, a grocery item when you're visiting a place where you don't speak the language.

CamFind also has an accessibility application. Users can activate voiceover of identified objects — a feature that may possibly help the visually impaired. 

If you want to save your searched photo, just slide the search result notification in the capture screen. There you have options to download the image to your camera roll or share it via email or social media.