Red, best known for its high-end video products, has dripped out some pre-order and release date information about its Hydrogen One super-smartphone, which was announced last July and first demoed IRL in August.

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The most notable feature of this phone is its 5.7" 1440p display, which can display 2D and "better than 3D" holographic images. It can also shoot 3D or 4V (holographic) content using its onboard cameras, and stereo sound is converted to spatial audio when played back. The One uses Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835x processor, dual SIM card slots, a monster 4500 mAh battery and support for add-on modules like external batteries and a 'cinema-grade' camera.

The new info came via Red's forums, where the company revealed that pre-orders for the Hydrogen One are expected to begin in April, with ship dates sometime this summer. The aluminum model will be priced at $1195, while the titanium version will set you back $1595.