Winner, ZEISS Photography Award, Seeing Beyond – Discoveries, 2020
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Winner, ZEISS Photography Award, Seeing Beyond – Discoveries, 2020

A previously unpublished 27-year-old journalism student from Korea has picked up €12,000 to spend on Zeiss lenses on top of a €3,000 grant towards a photographic project after winning the annual Zeiss Photography Award. KyeongJun Yang, who is studying at The University of Texas in Austin, shot a series of black and white images on film, depicting the sense of loneliness and isolation felt by a Chinese immigrant in the USA. The project, called Metamorphosis, comprises a collection of portrait and still life pictures about the experiences of fellow immigrants and girlfriend Julie Chan.

The theme of the competition was Seeing Beyond – Discoveries, and Yang’s images were picked out because “The images’ closeness and quietness allows us to see and think more about what’s going on here. To me, this work stood out from the other submissions we judged as it was clear that although these were documentary photographs, there was a conceptual depth to them which raised more questions than answers and left their true meaning open to interpretation”, according to judge and photojournalist Max Ferguson.

The shortlist of winners runs to ten photographers in total, all of who would normally have their work displayed alongside the winning images of the Sony World Photography Awards in April, but this year’s awards ceremony and exhibition are postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

More images from the shortlisted photographers can be seen in the award section of the Zeiss site. You can see all Yang’s images in an interview on the Zeiss website.