Sony has released minor firmware updates for its a9 II camera system, as well as its 24mm F1.4 GM and 135 F1.8 GM lenses.

For the a9 II, firmware version 1.01 improves the FTP transfer functionality to speed up how soon after shooting photos the images can be transferred. Additionally, the firmware update corrects a condition where the camera can sometimes turn off at random times when looking back through Raw images and improves JPEG image quality when shooting under certain, unspecified conditions.

Both the 24mm F1.4 GM and 135mm F1.8 GM receive, via firmware ’02,’ improved aperture response when the lenses are attached to Sony’s a9, a9 II and a7R IV camera systems, as well as the ability to select ‘Focus Priority’ from the ‘Aperture Drive in AF” menu when attached to Sony’s a9 camera system.

You can download firmware version 1.01 for Sony a9 II camera systems, as well as firmware version ’02’ for Sony’s 24mm F1.4 GM and 135mm F1.8 GM lenses for mac OS and Windows computers on Sony’s website. Details and instructions on how to install the firmware can be found on the respective download pages.