Last week's Yashica teaser was met with a lot of excitement. But it didn't take long for people to claim that teaser had nothing to do with a camera. In fact, they said, Yashica was just teasing a clip-on smartphone lens they had already released. Womp womp...

But not so fast! Another teaser video released yesterday seems to hint at the big return to the camera market we were all actually hoping for.

The teaser, titled "The Prologue," shows more of the same girl walking around with an old Yashica film camera (maybe?) and even a brief scene with that clip-on smartphone lens. All unremarkable, except the whole thing starts with this tagline:

Expect the Unexpected

The Unprecedented Camera by YASHICA

And later on a date floats onto the screen:

October 2017, Kickstarter

It looks like Yashica may be making a grand return after all. Hopefully they don't disappoint us after all this teasing. If you're claiming to release an "unprecedented" camera, you'd better deliver.