Tokina has announced the impending release of its new 25–75mm T2.9 cinema lens, a parfocal lens it calls ‘the pinnacle of modern cinema zoom lens design.’

The lens' focal length fits between the company’s current 11–20mm T2.9 and 50–135mm T2.9 cinema zoom lenses, but its physical presence makes it the largest of the three. It weighs in at 2kg (4.4lbs), measures 174mm (6.85") long (PL mount) and has a 95mm (3.74") front diameter.

The 25-75mm T2.9 Tokina Cinema Lens on-set with the RED Komodo

The 25–75mm T2.9 lens is constructed of 18 elements in 15 groups, offers an iris range of T2.9 through T22, has a minimum focusing distance of 74cm (2.43') and uses a nine-blade aperture diaphragm. Its 36mm image circle is designed to cover Super 35 sensors, but will also work with larger sensor cameras in crop mode.

Recent Videos

Other features include an aluminum construction and standard 0.8 MOD geared rings for focus, iris and zoom control. Below is a lens test video full of shots captured by Director of Photography, Bob Gundu:

The Tokina Cinema 25–75mm T2.9 lens is available to preorder starting today for PL, E, EF, MFT and Nikon F mount camera systems for $4,999. Tokina is also offering a 1.6x Expander in PL to PL or PL to E mount that enables the lens to be used with Vistavision cinema cameras. The first units are expected to ship out in July 2021.