Nikon is offering to replace 'early generation' EN-EL15 batteries for D500 users who are getting less than the expected battery life from their cameras. In a statement, the company explains that batteries manufactured prior to a design change in 2013 'may not be capable of the maximum number of shots possible [...] indicated in D500 documentation'. If you can supply a valid receipt for the purchase of a D500, the company will replace these older batteries at no charge.

The exchange applies to older EN-1L15 batteries marked 'Li-ion01'. Newer batteries, labeled 'Li-ion20' (shown below) are not eligible for exchange. 

This exchange only applies to EN-EL15 batteries with 'Li-ion01' printed on the rear. Batteries manufactured after 2013 (which includes all batteries supplied with new D500 bodies) are labeled 'Li-ion20' and are not eligible for replacement. Nikon claims the difference between these batteries is not one of capacity, but of electric discharge profile.

So if you're a new D500 owner and you're not getting the battery life you expect, check to see if 'Li-ion01' is marked on the back of the battery. If you're still seeing poor endurance from the new battery that came in the box with your camera, we've found that it helps to engage Airplane Mode.