Smartphone photography accessory manufacturer Olloclip has expanded its lineup of lenses for Android and iOS smartphones with an all new "Pro Series" and "Intro Series" that round out the company's Connect X line.

The Olloclip Pro Series consists of a Super-Wide lens and a telephoto lens, both of which come in two varieties to work with the maximum number of smartphones possible.

According to Olloclip, the new Super-Wide lens features less distortion than any wide angle lenses the company has offered to date. Olloclip says the Super-Wide lens doubles the field of view of your smartphone's camera and features a multi-element lens that has coatings to help "deliver premium image quality."

The Pro Series telephoto lens, on the other hand, offers 2x optical zoom. It too features a multi-element lens with coatings for improved image quality. Olloclip has made 2x telephoto lenses in the past, but says this Pro Series version "gathers more light for a brighter photograph."

Both lenses in the Pro series are available for all of Olloclips current lens attachments for $119.95 or on their own for $99.99.

In addition to the new Pro Series, Olloclip also unveiled the more budget-friendly Intro Series, a two-in-one setup that offers both a macro and wide angle lens in one. In its standard form, the lens works as a wide angle lens, but when you unscrew the front part of the lens, it reveals an integrated macro lens underneath.

The Intro Lens is available with Olloclip's current lineup of lens attachments for $39.95 or on its own for $19.99.

You can find out more information and purchase the new lenses from Olloclip's online shop.