Syrp, makers of Genie motion control tools and Magic Carpet camera sliders, has introduced an all-in-one smart camera remote, the Genie Micro.

Genie Micro allows the user to control their connected mirrorless or DSLR camera via the accompanying app. To use the Genie Micro, you simply slide it into the hot shoe on your camera, connect your camera, and pair it with Syrp's app, which is available on Android and iOS. Using Genie Micro, you can control ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Beyond these simple controls, the Genie Micro can also be used to stop and start video cameras, utilize remote triggering to capture images for a time lapse or stop motion video. The Genie Micro also has functions for setting up HDR shots.

In terms of use cases, Syrp notes that the Genie Micro can be used to capture holy grail time lapse videos. You can easily adjust ramp exposure settings on your camera as conditions change without the risk of jostling or moving your camera. You can also control multiple cameras by using more than one Genie Micro. Amid a pandemic, it may also be useful to remotely control a camera for portraits or video, allowing you to maintain a safe distance from others.

Camera control requires the USB cable that came with your camera. To check if your camera is compatible with the Genie Micro, refer to this support page. As of now, Syrp has tested and verified cameras from Canon and Nikon. Syrp is continually testing additional camera models and the page will be updated regularly.

Genie Micro communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth (4.0) or Wi-Fi (2.4GHz). The Genie Micro includes a 2.5mm shutter control port and USB-C port. If you only need basic shutter control, you can also use standard camera triggering with the Genie Micro, although it does require an optional Shutter Link Cable.

To achieve camera control, you must connect your camera to the Syrp Genie Micro using a USB cable. Syrp recommends using the one that came with your camera.

Genie Micro weighs only 0.06 lbs (fewer than 30g). It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which has about 7 hours of battery life when recording video (including a time lapse video). The Genie Micro charges via USB-C and Syrp states that it can fully charge in about 2.5 hours. The Genie Micro comes with a USB-C to USB-A male adapter cable for connecting your camera to the Genie Micro and a USB-C to USB-A male cable for charging the device. It also comes with a microfiber lens cloth.

The accompanying Syrp app allows you to control your camera, set up a time lapse, record video and more.

The Syrp Genie Micro is straightforward to set up. After putting the Genie Micro in your camera's hot shoe, you connect the device via USB and turn it on. You then pair it with your smart device and open the Syrp app. For additional details, an unboxing and setup video can be viewed below. Tutorials for using the Syrp app can be found on Syrp's YouTube channel.

Genie Micro is available now for $159.99 USD. To view additional Syrp products, click here.