Roger Cicala, founder and owner of Lensrentals, is best known in these parts for tearing down, repairing and reviewing lenses. But not long ago (relatively speaking), it wasn’t just lenses Roger was mending; he was also a physician. As such, his experience in these two fields makes him uniquely qualified to talk about something we should all be mindful of — how to keep yourself and your camera gear disinfected through proper care and treatment of your equipment and workspace.

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In the thorough blog post, Roger breaks down what cleaning supplies you should (and shouldn’t) use and what practices will help to ensure you’re being as safe as you can be during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond). From basic gear cleansing tips to advice for keeping your studio or office as clean as possible, he covers it all.

You can read the full blog post yourself over on the Lensrentals blog. If we’re lucky, Roger might even make an appearance in the comments below for those of you who have any additional questions.

Image credits: photos used with kind permission from Lensrentals.