Skylum has just released Luminar Flex version 1.1.0. This marks the first update to the original Luminar Flex plugin, released this past April. The free update allows users to work in programs like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and Photos for Mac while taking advantage of Flex's timesaving tools and new creative options.

The most significant update is the improved AI filter. Its ‘human-aware’ technology recognizes people in photos and makes adjustments for more natural-looking images. Accent AI 2.0 enables users to make dozens of improvements by fixing tone, detail, exposure, color, and more with one simple slider. The process of enhancing photos with Accent AI 2.0 takes less than one second, according to Skylum.

Additional upgrades

  • The Filters Catalog will automatically open so users can quickly locate their preferred filters. The ability to browse, favorite, and search for customized enhancements or repairs is now included. It also identifies and Frequently Used filters for instant access.
  • Easy management of Luminar Looks means users add and quickly access, move, or share "one-click" filters that enhance photos. Additional Look packs can be purchased or added, free of charge, from the Luminar Marketplace.
  • Users now have the option of using their own workspace in the plugin or extension. Custom Workspaces can be saved and new ones can be added from the Luminar Marketplace.
  • Luminar Flex 1.1.0 features some fixes on application crashes within Flex and file name issues.

How to update

Mac – launch Luminar Flex from the applications folder, choose Luminar Flex in the top menu bar > Check for updates

Windows – launch Luminar Flex from the Start menu, choose help in the Top Menu Bar > Check for updates

Luminar Flex can be purchased from Skylum for $70. It is compatible with Apple and Adobe products released in the past 10 years.