Canon has expanded its PIXMA TS-series Wireless Inkjet printer lineup with five new models, two of which contain an improved ink system that adds a sixth color ('Photo Blue') to help reduce graininess and improving overall quality. The lineup is composed of the following five printers: PIXMA TS9120, TS8120, TS6120, TS5120 and TS3120 with prices ranging from $80 to $200.

These wireless Canon Inkjet printers feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless printing photos, as well as compatibility with a soon-to-be-released iOS app called Message in Print. With this app, iPhone and iPad owners can embed a message within a printed photo before sharing it with someone else. The recipient, assuming they're using iOS and the same app, can view the message in the photo print on their phone's display via simple augmented reality technology.

Primarily of interest with this new product line refresh, however, is the addition of a new six-way color system in the TS9120 and TS8120 models. Canon doesn't share many details, but apparently the six-way system used in these two models includes the addition of Photo Blue ink to reduce the graininess of printed images, and replaces the gray color used by the five-way system for higher-quality prints.

The new PIXMA printers are available now in various color options at the following price points: