With 4K resolution and sophisticated electronic stabilization, modern high-end smartphones offer video quality that satisfies even demanding users. However, things don't look quite as good in the audio department and if you want your sound quality to match the images, an external microphone is indispensable. With the VideoMic Me Australian microphone maker Rode is now offering a new option for demanding smartphone film makers.

The VideoMic Me is a directional microphone that connects via the TTRS headphone/microphone jack and weighs only 34 grams. Thanks to a flexible mounting bracket it works with most smartphones and can be fitted for use with the main or front camera.

With some apps, a 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear of the microphone allows for play-through of audio while recording. It also means you can play back your footage or listen to music during a shooting break without having to remove the microphone.
 A furry windshield for shooting outdoors or in adverse weather is included in the package. The VideoMic Me is available now for $59.