Nikon has announced an introductory trade-in offer for photographers interested in Nikon's new entry-level full-frame mirrorless Z5 camera. From now through one month following the Z5's August 27, 2020 release date, customers will be able to trade-in any working camera from any brand and save $100 USD on the Z5, in addition to the trade-in value of their camera. This deal is available retroactively as well, ensuring that those who already preordered through Nikon directly or through an authorized reseller can still get in on this new deal.

The basics of the deal are as follows. You visit Nikon's dedicated trade-in website to get a quote for your camera. You then purchase a new Z5 (or Z50, Z6 or Z7, albeit without the $100 USD bonus). Next, you send Nikon your old camera, with Nikon covering the cost of ground shipping. Once the camera has been received and checked over, Nikon will send you a refund.

As an example, let's consider the (plausible) case of a Nikon D750 owner wishing to trade-up to a new mirrorless camera, while still being able to use their existing full-frame F-mount lenses via Nikon's FTZ adapter. Further, let's assume that the camera is in excellent condition, meaning it shows minimal wear and functions properly. In this case, Nikon will offer $495 trade-in value, plus an additional $100 with the ongoing promotion. 'Good' and 'poor' conditions are also available to select, although all three conditions require the camera to function properly. You cannot trade-in a camera that is not functional.

If Nikon determines that the quality of the camera is less than you stated during the trade-in quote process, you will be eligible to return the Z5. However, you will otherwise forfeit the $100 bonus if you, for any other reason, return the camera. As expected, there additional terms and conditions to consider, the full list of which can be viewed here.

To participate in the trade-in program, you must have the Z camera shipped to a valid US address. You can trade-in multiple cameras when purchasing multiple Z cameras, but only a single trade-in can be applied per camera, so there is no way to combine $100 bonuses on a single Z5 purchase.

Nikon has published a Frequently Asked Questions list for their Z camera trade-in program as well. Before participating in the program, it is highly recommended reading. There is included information worth highlighting.

You can trade in any camera in working condition, not just a digital camera nor only an interchangeable lens camera. Cameras not listed as trade-in options are eligible and Nikon will send a quote within 1-2 business days of receiving your submitted information, in most cases. You cannot trade standalone lenses in as part of the promotion, however, some kit lenses are included in the promotion, such as a Nikon D3000 and accompanying 18-55mm VR kit lens, for example. If you are worried about being without a camera, fret not as Nikon will ship your new Z camera with free two-day shipping and you aren't required to send in your trade-in camera until your new Z camera has arrived.

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