Accessories brand Syrp has announced a new variable neutral density filter that will appeal to those who like to create very long exposures. The Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter operates between five and ten stops (ND32 to ND1024) and provides stop-markings on the rings so photographers can measure exactly how much light they are cutting out.

The company says it has reduced the range of densities the filters create to avoid the ‘X’ interference effect that is common with one to ten-stop filters. The filter can only be rotated within ‘safe’ limits, and Syrp has used ‘hard stops’ to prevent the forward ring being turned too far.

The filters come in 67mm and 82mm sizes, and each is packed with a pair of step-up rings to allow them to fit to smaller lenses. The forward ring of each is also threaded so further screw-in filters can be stacked in front of them, and the bezel is moulded to allow a regular lens cap to be fitted.

The filters cost $169 for the 67mm version and $209 for the 82mm version, and both come with a protective leather zip-up holder. For more information see the Syrp website.

Manufacturer information

Introducing the New Super Dark Variable ND Filter!

With 5-10 stops of adjustable exposure control, the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter is a must-have tool for any photographer's gear bag and is available for pre-order from today, with a planned shipping date of the 15th of December. The Super Dark is available in two sizes and includes hard stops at the minimum and maximum ends for reducing X-pattern.

Long exposures are fundamental to landscape photography as they capture the effect of time passing, giving your images an expressive and often surreal look. They also add a creative element to your time lapses making them more fluid and giving them a dreamy effect. Silky smooth waterfalls or glassy lakes can be captured in full day light with just a simple twist of the filter to allow you to slow your shutter speed and record long exposures.

Both the Small and Large Filter Kits come with a genuine leather carry case to house the filter and ensure it stays protected from dust and scratches. Our Super Dark Variable ND Filter provides exposure reduction of 5 (ND32) to 10 (ND1024) stops using a smooth, adjustable front ring. The filter also has a front thread so you can easily stack filters if needed and will fit your regular lens cap.

Included in each Filter Kit are two step up rings for maximum compatibility with the range of lenses in your kit. The Large Kit (82mm) has 77-82mm and 72-82mm rings and the Small Kit has 58-67mm and 52-67mm rings. An invaluable tool for time-lapse, the Super Dark creates a more natural and fluid transition between frames, reducing the appearance of moving elements' flickering and stuttering.