In amongst the X100V hullabaloo in London today, Fujifilm also discussed three new lenses spread across their two interchangeable lens camera systems. Unfortunately, we have neither press releases nor full specifications for these lenses, but you can get a sense for their size and how they handle from our hands-on photos with the mockups.

The first lens is the Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0. We've covered this lens before; it was originally going to be a 33mm F1.0 lens (49.5mm equivalent focal length), but Fujifilm pivoted to a 50mm F1.0 (75mm equivalent) design due to size, weight and autofocus speed considerations. As you can see, it's still a big lens when mounted on an X-T3 and comes with a 77mm filter thread and carries a 'WR' label for weather resistance, but manages to weigh in under a kilo. Judging from the aperture ring, the lens is capable of a minimum aperture of F16.

Next up is the GF 30mm F3.5 for the company's medium-format GFX system. This lens has a roughly 24mm equivalent field of view, a common moderate-wide focal length that's handy for everything from architecture to reportage as well as video shooting. With a relatively small 58mm filter thread, we expect it to handle well on all GFX bodies thus far released, and like all GFX lenses, also comes with a 'WR' label for weather resistance. The 30mm F3.5 will stop down as far as F32.

Lastly we have the GF 80mm F1.7. While more substantial-looking than the 30mm, it doesn't look out of place on the (admittedly, fairly large) GFX 100. Its F1.7 aperture makes it the fastest lens yet for the GFX system, and it offers an equivalent focal length of 63mm. It comes with a minimum aperture of F22, has a 77mm filter thread, and of course, a 'WR' rating for weather-resistance.

Let us know what you make of Fujifilm's latest lenses in the comments.