K&R Photographics, located in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, is the latest camera shop to report the theft of expensive camera equipment. According to store co-owner Rob Kumler, who spoke with Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO, his 70-year-old wife and shop co-owner Wilma was attacked by masked, armed men who broke into the store on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 22.

According to Kumler, Wilma was thrown to the ground roughly and suffered a broken arm as a result. 'Tens of thousands of dollars' in high-end camera equipment was stolen. In addition to harming Wilma and stealing the hardware, the robbers accidentally dropped and destroyed a $12,000 camera.

The masked thieves were reportedly armed with a gun and a hammer; they are said to have immediately moved toward the most expensive equipment in the store, indicating that at least one had likely been in the store prior to the robbery. Four security cameras were live in the store at the time of the assault and theft.

Kumler points out that due to the expensive, high-end nature of the stolen equipment, the thieves will likely struggle to find buyers who both need the gear and are willing to purchase it without asking questions about its origins. 'High-end cameras,' Kumler said, 'that's a small market.'

The store maintains a Facebook Page, but hasn't yet posted about the robbery; it's unclear whether police or Kumler plan to publish a list of the stolen equipment's serial numbers. The public is encouraged to contact Villa Hills law enforcement with any information related to the violent robbery.