Photo by Jakob Owens

The head of iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has said that the company is working with RED Digital Cinema to build top quality video cameras at a third of current prices. Speaking at a company party at the weekend, Chairman Terry Gou announced that the two companies are already in talks with the aim of producing cameras:

...that will shoot professional-quality films in 8K resolution but at only a third of current prices and a third of current camera sizes.

Foxconn assembles over 70% of Apple’s iPhones, which accounts for 50% of its business, but the company wants to diversify into areas with a better profit margin, according to a report from Nikki Asian Review. Its acquisition of Sharp’s semiconductor business will give Foxconn the chance to manufacture critical components for digital cameras and displays, including chip technologies that go into image sensors.

The company already has a working relationship with RED, and builds and assembles ASIC/front-end LSI circuits for the movie camera maker, according to EOSHD.

Within a few years we might see this powerful combination challenging Panasonic and Sony for space in the enthusiast-level 8K handheld video camera market. It's still a ways out, but that would be interesting!