Panasonic has developed a special electronic viewfinder that corrects color-blindness as part of a campaign to promote equality of vision. The viewfinder, built into a Lumix DC-G95, has adjusted color saturation and color-shifted pixels to enable color-blind people to see in the same way as those with regular vision.

The company, in partnership with Indian marketing company Dentsu Aegis Network, created the new viewfinder specifically to help Indian photographer Hizol Chodhury see colors accurately for the first time. Previously Chodhury had needed assistants to explain the hues he was looking at and to ensure colors were correct in his images, but the new viewfinder compensates for the chromatic defects in his vision so he can see color clearly – through the camera.

It isn’t clear exactly how this has been achieved, though we might assume his color vision was tested and the viewfinder designed to present more strongly the colors he has trouble seeing. The press release only mentions that they used a ‘Lumix camera fitted with a customized viewfinder that saturates and balances pixels to allow colorblind photographers to see colors just like everyone else.’

It is also unclear whether this technology will become more widely available in the future to help other color impaired people. Presumably, the degree of correction would vary person to person so the solution created for Chodhury probably wouldn’t suit everyone.

Press release:

This Republic Day, Panasonic Lumix and C Lab give #RightToColour by empowering Colourblind Photographers!

Celebrating India’s 71st Republic Day, Panasonic Lumix and C Lab, the entertainment and sports marketing arm of Dentsu Aegis Network India has empowered colourblind photographers with the #RightToColour through a specially designed viewfinder lens that helps to saturate and balance colour. Bringing the gift of colour, the digital campaign #RightToColour aims to promote equality by making everyone able to experience colours in the same way.

About 300 million people worldwide and around 8% of the country’s population suffers from some degree of colour blindness and this impacts their everyday life depending on the severity. While somebody with normal vision can identify 150 hues, a colour blind aspirant can distinguish only as many as 20 hues. However, in recent times, technology has created innovations that can transform the everyday experiences of the physically challenged. The #RightToColour campaign showcases the struggles of colour blind photographers while narrating true life experiences of an Assam-based photographer, Hizol Chodhury who wishes to see his photographs as the world sees them. The film highlights how Hizol has to rely on his team for colour correction and saturation of his work and the challenges he faces in the personal and professional life. Panasonic Lumix and C Lab makes his wish come true by giving him the right to colour through a Lumix camera fitted with a customized viewfinder that saturates and balances pixels to allow colourblind photographers to see colours just like everyone else. The film captures the sheer happiness and confidence that this innovation has given Hizol, as he feels connected to his work like never before.

Talking about the campaign, Shirish Agarwal, Head, Brand and Marketing Communications, Panasonic India said, “Nearly 8% of people in India suffer from some degree of colour-blindness, there only dream is to be able to see the world as we all see it. Through this campaign we wanted to bring alive the spirit of Republic Day by enabling those affected with the right to colours. Technology has always been at the core of our business and #RightToColour serves as a remarkable example of how innovative solutions can improve the lives of our customers.”

Haresh Nayak, Group MD, Posterscope – South Asia said, “At C Lab we believe in creating solutions that enhance a consumer’s experience and subsequently, their lives. This builds brand advocacy and loyalty. Every time we work on a project, we are enthralled to see how technology is bringing solutions that one could only dream of. Our effort to bring colour back into the lives of colourblind photographers is an example of what technology can do.”

Adding to this Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney said, “We researched around the deficiency and found a simple solution to solve this problem – a special viewfinder for the camera. This allows a colourblind photographer to see the frame in rich vibrant colours before the shot is captured, subsequently boosting the confidence to capture the subject being photographed. There’s a huge community of colourblind photographers in India and this technology is a testament to their dedication and passion.”

Talking about the Lumix, Sandeep Sehgal, Business Chief, Imaging Business Group, Panasonic India & SAARC said, “Lumix as a brand celebrates photography as a medium to enable both the photographer and the subject to break away from any limitation and express themselves freely. Through this campaign, we are delighted to bring the gift of colour to colour-blind photographers. We are committed to making a difference by empowering people through our technologically advanced offerings and this is a testament to the same.”