Japan Camera Hunter has revealed its latest one-off repainted Leica cameras in honor of JCH’s 10th anniversary.

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As noted by Kosmo Foto, the Sakura-themed Leica M4 has been hand-painted by Kanto, a specialist camera restorer based in Tokyo, Japan. The color and imagery is inspired by the ornamental cherry blossom, known as Sakura in Japan. This is the fourth one-off camera Japan Camera Hunter has created and was preceded by a Kintsugi-inspired Leica M3, a Mondrian-styled Leica PM2 and a Leica M4-P imprinted with quotes from George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’.

Bellamy Hunt, founder of Japan Camera Hunter, told Kosmo Foto ‘This [camera] was a surprise for me. I basically gave Kanto a blank sheet and told them to do something special. And they really did.’ Hunt continued:

‘We actually had a bit of a headache for finding something to relate this to. As Sakura season is in the spring. But then we found that there is winter Sakura and we found a shrine nearby that had some blooming, which was perfect. The paint on this camera is exquisite.’

This camera, as well as the three previous one-off cameras, are expected to be available to purchase shortly, according to Hunt. No specific time or pricing information is available at this time, however.

Kosmo Foto: Japan Camera Hunter unveils cherry blossom-themed Leica

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