Sigma has announced it will be publishing a major firmware update for the Sigma fp in ‘Summer 2020’ that will bring along a number of new features and functionality.

According to the announcement, the update will add CinemaDNG 120/100 fps (FHD 8-bit) shooting, cinemagraph functionality, still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode, HDR shooting, a Director’s Viewfinder recording function and Sigma’s software development kit (SDK), which should open up a realm of possibilities for developers to access certain functions of the camera.

In the meantime, Sigma says it’s also developing firmware version 1.02 (the latest firmware currently available for the Sigma fp is version 1.01), which will correct card errors when using specific SD cards and adds in-camera lens aberration correction processing. Firmware version 1.02 will be released on March 18, 2020, according to Sigma.

The current version 1.01 firmware and future firmware releases can be downloaded from the Sigma fp support page.