LG's Optimus G Pro was released in Korea yesterday.

Right after the Korean release of its new Optimus G Pro, LG have published a highly dramatic video telling viewers “you can tag what you want” on February 25th. The video then flashes through four inspirational photos titled “the styLe,” “the Freedom,” “the View” and “the Greatness.” The letters L, F, V, and G, are emphasized in each word.

This 48-second video leaves a lot up for interpretation. Is LG talking about its new devices or is it just hyping the brand? With the branding of LG’s Optimus G Pro, we can’t help but wonder if the South Korean company is poised to launch three new phones with L, F and V names. 

We'll have to see what LG has in store next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Our own Lars Rehm is already there, prepping for all the upcoming smartphone and tablet news to come. You can follow him on Twitter: @larsrehm.