When getting into film photography it can be very difficult to find out not only what films are available but also the differences between them and what they are designed to do. Austrian photography enthusiast Dominik Sobe has built a website that lists available emulsions, shows a collection of images shot on that particular film and links to reviews on other sites.

Almost 50 films are listed and can be filtered by brand, contrast, grain type and speed rating

Filmtypes automatically draws in images from Flickr that are tagged with the film they were shot with and displays them on the landing page for that film, while offering a short description of the film’s characteristics, its origins and the formats in which it can be bought.

The landing page for each film pulls in images from Flickr that use the tag of that film, so users can see for themselves the characteristics of that emulsion

At the moment just under 50 films are included, and users can filter the list by contrast, color/B&W, manufacturer, speed and grain type to whittle the list down to specific requirements. Of course, there is also a link to buy the resulting film.

The site is still young and Sobe says he will continue to add new films but already it is very useful. If you are into film photography go take a look and maybe suggest a favorite film that hasn’t made the list yet.