Mobile cameras are getting more powerful all the time but the technical advancements are not only down to sensor manufacturers and camera module designers. Mobile chipsets also have to support the new imaging components and be able to process the ever increasing amounts of captured image data.

As spotted in the XDA Developers forum, chipset maker Qualcomm has now updated the specs for a range of its Snapdragon chipsets and it looks like the Snapdragon 670, 675, 710, 845 and 855 models now all support a pretty outrageous camera resolution of 192MP.

There are some limitations, however. In order to process such a large image the camera cannot use any multi-frame processing, for example for HDR or noise reduction, or a zero-shutter-lag. The 192MP limit is also only valid for single-camera setups and not for multi-camera devices. Not even a front-camera would be supported.

Given there are currently no mobile image sensor available that come even close to such a high pixel count, these are mostly theoretical considerations of course. Still, it's good to see Qualcomm is future-proofing its chipsets and making the spec information readily available to developers and other interested parties.