X-Rite has announced the ColorChecker Video XL, an oversized color target designed for those shooting situations in which smaller variants won't quite cut it.

The Video XL uses the same gray and color patches as well as skin tones as the standard ColorChecker Video but is simply twice as large. Features include two rows of six chromatic color chips, both saturated and de-saturated, skin tones ranging from light to dark, patches for even gray balance, including white, 40IRE gray, deep gray and high gloss black, six color chips for linear gray balance, and illumination check chips in the corners.

“The X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL is designed for those longer and wider shots when the space between your camera and subject is too great to capture a smaller target,” X-Rite says. “With ColorChecker Video XL, users can increase capture resolution for post, maintain the same lighting conditions falling on their subject, eliminate the need to move the camera closer or adjust focal length, and minimize color casting from surrounding light.”

X-Rite says the new tool can help video shooters and photographers set exposure, check highlights, shadows and mid-tones, achieve accurate color balance, match multiple cameras and edit for mixed lighting.

The ColorChecker Video XL is available now for $399. With a sleeve it is $429 and the bundle with a carrying case will set you back $495. More information is available on the X-Rite website.