Nikon has been around for 100 years, which is pretty cool, and to celebrate the anniversary it has launched a dedicated anniversary site alongside a pretty amazing movie that traces Nikon’s history.

The video features an epic intro from outer space and a catchy song with the lyrics 'I can see the light, oh yes I can see the light,' repeated. It's the kind of song where if I lived in say, Berlin and enjoyed underground dance parties, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if it came on in the club. There’s also cameos by famous photographers, recreations of historic moments, famous magazine and newspaper covers and a narrator with a Hollywood blockbuster-style voice.

In all seriousness it’s a very cool, albeit over the top, video. And Nikon is certainly a company with a rich and important history worth celebrating. The anniversary site also features a really cool timeline of the company's achievements. Here’s hoping they’ll be around for another 100 years.