Earlier this year, Adobe Chief Product Officer, Scott Belsky, acknowledged Adobe was working on a full version of Adobe Photoshop for iPad. Today, we were given a glimpse into the fruits of its labor, with Adobe previewing Photoshop CC on iPad on stage at Adobe MAX 2018 in Los Angeles.

While much of the underlying code remains the same as its desktop counterpart, Adobe Photoshop CC on iPad is redesigned to be used on mobile devices, with a cleaner interface and buttons large enough to be tapped with a finger or stylus. Adobe Photoshop CC on iPad will also seamlessly sync with the desktop version of Photoshop CC via Creative Cloud so you can start on a project on one device and finish it up on another.

To achieve this, Adobe had to create an updated version of its PSD file format it calls Cloud PSDs. In Adobe's own words, "when we ship Photoshop on the iPad, [Cloud PSDs] will also run and automatically show up on your desktop...Suddenly, you’ll have this cloud-powered roundtrip experience akin to a Google Docs experience, where literally the source of truth of your Photoshop creation is in the cloud." Gone are the days of having to figure out how to export files in a compatible format and send them to various devices.

The Verge was granted exclusive access to Photoshop for iPad and has created a wonderful first-look at what you can expect from it.

Adobe Photoshop CC on iPad won't arrive until 2019. In the meantime, you can sign up for a chance to be included on the beta version on Adobe's website.