Kodak Professional has posted a video to its Instagram page and a few sample photos to its Facebook page teasing the first test images taken with its revived Ektachrome slide film, as well as images of what the packaging will look like.

Back in January 2017, Kodak Professional announced it was bringing back its beloved Ektachrome slide film from the dead. Since then, the only major update we’ve heard is from back in 2017, when a few higher-ups at Kodak Professional detailed the progress it had made on bringing the film back from the dead on the Kodakery podcast.

Now, we finally have something to look at. Alongside a video that slideshows through 12 different images, including color cards, sample shots, and photos of the packaging material, the Kodak Professional Instagram account writes, ‘Ektachrome 100: Our Development team is still working hard on the update! In the meantime, here are some successful test photos from our pilot-scale equipment.’

As a few Facebook and Instagram commenters have pointed out, the sample images appear a bit grainy in the video. Kodak Professional replied, saying the video did appear to make the photos appear more grainy and less impressive than the stills. They said to see more accurate samples, to check out its Facebook post, embedded above, which includes three sample images seen in the Instagram video.

There’s still no definitive date on when the public launch will be, but seeing test photos means we’re one step closer to seeing it back on the shelves.