Tumblr updates iOS app, improves camera feature

Tumblr app now has more bells and whistles on its camera feature.

Bloggers and Gif-lovers alike are rejoicing today as Tumblr rolled out its latest iOS app update. The new version of the Tumblr app allows users to create photosets straight from the app and double-tap posts to like (Instagram-style). Users will also have easier time editing their profile and posting links as they can now just tap the avatar in their profile to change it and if they post an URL, Tumblr will automatically input a title.

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The biggest change in the Tumblr update can be found in its camera feature. Previously, Tumblr's camera was just a super basic capture tool. Now, users can adjust flash and compose using a rule of thirds grid. Users can also easily access their image gallery by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

iOS users can download the Tumblr app from the App Store.

Imgur's iOS app on the way

Imgur released this image of its app this week, teasing that the iOS app will be available soon.

Imgur took to its Facebook page today to announce that its iOS app is nearing completion. Imgur (pronounced Image-Er) is a popular image viewing platform for the forum site Reddit. Users of Imgur upload over 25 million images per month through its website and third-party applications like Imgupr. Soon, Imgur-ers will be able upload images with Imgur's very own iOS app.

In a gallery posted earlier today, Imgur shared screen shots of the new app. Features on the app include gallery creation, expandable comment threads, and swipe-to-browse gallery viewing. Users can upload images from their device's camera, photo albums, or from an image URL.

Afterglow gets major update, changes name

What's in a name? AfterLight added 19 new "Instant Film" textures.

iOS image editing app Afterglow has had a bit of an identity crisis. The popular filter-based app had to change its name to AfterLight for legal reasons. The latest version of the app adds a series of new features. From the AfterLight iTunes page:

  • This update comes with the Instant Film pack. It includes 19 new textures and 3 new frames. All inspired by and created with instant film. This will be a growing pack that will receive new content.
  • To celebrate the transition to a new name, we've created 5 new Original Filters. All you have to do is like our new Facebook page to unlock them. It will greatly help us through this new change, so thank you to every one in advance!
  • Try out our new Mid Tone tool. It has been created to go along with our Shadow Tone and Highlight tone tools for even more control over your coloring.
  • Pinching and zooming with the frames has been enhanced with a fixed sensitivity issue.
  • We've added 3 new frames.
  • Tap and hold on your image when Filter & Texture editing to hide any part of the interface that might be covering your image.
  • The Clarify tool has been enhanced for quality and speed, and we've fixed a bug.
  • The cropping tool has been enhanced. The free transform option has more control, and we've added a golden ratio crop option.

You can download AfterLight from the iOS App Store for $0.99.