Hahnel industries has launched its first flash unit in the shape of the radio-controlled Modus 600RT. The new hotshoe flash is powered by a block lithium ion battery, in the style of the Godox V860ll, instead of the usual AA cells and has a guide number of 60m @ ISO 100. Each flash unit can operate as both slave or master in a wireless set-up, using optical or 2.4GHz radio signals to communicate with other guns or with a Viper flash trigger in the hotshoe.

Hahnel says the Modus units will be compatible with some other third party speedlights via its optical system and the Viper TTL radio transmitter, but stops short of saying which ones. The Modus 600RT’s radio system has a range of 100m and can control up to three groups of flash units, with manual and TTL output modes. High speed sync is also supported, with shutter speeds of up to 1/8000sec possible, and the lithium ion battery is said to provide up to 550 full power bursts per charge.

The Hahnel Modus 600RT is available for Canon, Nikon and Sony flash systems and retails at £219.99 for the flash on its own, £269.99 for the flash and a Viper transceiver, or £429.99 for a kit with two flash units and a Viper. US prices have yet to be announced.

For more information see the hahnel website.

Manufacturer's information


You may recognise the hähnel brand for their long-standing reputation for manufacturing high quality Li-Ion batteries & DSLR accessories, so their new speedlight range may well come as a surprise to you. You must remember though, that hähnel have a long-standing reputation for their wireless flash trigger range which includes the popular Tuff TTL & Viper flash triggers.

The MODUS 600RT is powered by one of their best-sellingLi-ion batteries –the staggeringly powerful hähnel Extreme Li-Ion battery which beats the speed of AA-powered speedlight's hands down.

This new speedlight has a GN of 60 and each unit will handle over 550 shots at full power. Rather than waiting the normal 4-6 seconds which normal Speedlight's would require at full power, the MODUS 600RT has fast re-cycling in abundance at just 1.5 seconds. The built-in wireless receiver/transmitter offer TTL, manual and multi-modes and high speed sync supports up to 1/8000 of a sec.

The unique wireless connectivity really steps into a league of its own though when the MODUS 600RT is paired with the Viper TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. Use them together and control up to 3 separate groups of flash guns in either TTL, manual or Multi (Stroboscopic) mode.

DCM channel matching and over 100m range makes the Viper TTL the perfect partner for this new speedlight.

Available for Canon, Nikon & Sony.
For more info take a look at www.hahnel.ie.