Insta360 has released a software update for its One X 5.7K 360-degree camera. With version software version 1.1.0 the camera is now capable of capturing HDR video — previously HDR recording was only available for still images. The One X HDR mode makes sure highlight and shadow clipping in your 360-degree videos are kept to a minimum and should make for more natural looking footage, without minimal need for post processing.

The second new feature in the update is Google Maps Street View Integration. One X owners can now use their camera to capture 360-degree content for Google Maps Street View and directly upload to Street View via the One X mobile app. The latter automatically converts video files into a series of evenly spaced 360 photo spheres for viewing on the Google platform.

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In addition the company has announced that the One X is now available in a bundle that is exclusive to Apple. The bundle includes a number of accessories, including Insta360's Bullet Time handle that also serves as a tripod, a selfie stick that is rendered invisible by the camera software, two batteries, and a protective pouch.

The Insta360 ONE X Camera Bundle is now available at for $449.95. You can read our review of the Insta360 One X here.