Lighting accessory manufacturer TurtleRig has announced the launch of its latest Bulb Extensions for Flashpoint and Godox strobes.

As explained in the three-minute promotional video above, the third-generation Bulb Extension units move the flashbulb forward 32mm (1.25in) so less light is wasted when used with certain speed-rings and light modifiers. The result is not only more light per flash (TurtlRig claims between 1/3rd to one stop of additional light) but also more even light, since modifiers like beauty dishes and parabolics benefit from having the light project more evenly than would be possible with the standard flashbulb position.

At the time, TurtleRig offers its Bulb Extensions for four different Flashpoint/Godox units, including the AD200, AD400, AD600 and AD600 Pro. Prices start at $20.95 and go up to $22.95 depending on the model.