Tripod maker Slik has launched a new range of carbon fiber tripod legs and two new ball-heads. All models in the PRO CF series come with 8-layer carbon fiber legs, which are bonded and sealed in a high-pressure furnace for low weight, toughness and rigidness. Slik says the heavy construction makes them ideal for pro photographers who work with big DSLRs and long tele lenses as well as large and medium format cameras.

Customers can choose from four or five-section telescopic legs and three leg diameters. At the lightweight and compact end of the spectrum the PRO CF-635 tripod legs measure only 37cm when folded but can extend to 159cm and hold a 3kg load.

The PRO CF-834 offers the longest legs in the range and measures 48cm in its folded state. At 165cm the maximum extended height is not that significantly more than the CF-635 but the 7kg maximum load is more than double.

Two new ball-heads (PBH-535AS and PBH 635AS) are designed to work with the new PRO CF tripod legs and come with the new ‘Cam-Lock’ quick-release system which is compatible to Arca-Swiss and lets you attach or detach a camera from the head without having to slide the plate it in or out of the groove.

The heads feature three separate knobs for locking, panning and friction control and can hold large cameras and lenses weighing up to 5kg and 6kg respectively.

UK pricing for the new tripods ranges from £220 ($280) to £300 ($380). The heads are £85 ($108) to £90 ($114) respectively. More information is available on the Slik website.