For the fourth time since Peak Design launched its first camera strap system, the San Francisco-based camera bag and accessory manufacturer is changing its Anchor connectors—the little pieces that attach to your gear and snap into its camera straps.

The change comes after Peak Design realized its third version of the dyneema Anchor connectors, which were originally made to accommodate a larger variety of camera systems with smaller eyelets, are prematurely wearing out and failing.

According to Peak Design, there have only been seven reported failures of Anchor connectors of the more than one million sold since August 2017. That means only one in every 17,000 customers have been affected. But Peak Design said that’s still too high of a failure rate.

As seen in the above comparison image, Peak Design is fixing the issue by making the Anchor connector cord thicker once again.

Peak Design says it’s notified all customers who’ve purchased version three of its Anchor connectors, be it standalone or in a package with a camera strap. If you’re afraid you missed the email or otherwise want to double-check, Peak Design has created an Anchor update survey to help you see if you qualify. Also, as of May 22nd, 2018, all camera straps purchased through Peak Design’s website will come with a free Anchor Update Kit. According to a post on its support page, Peak Design said ‘eventually’ all Peak Design camera straps will contain version four Anchor connectors.