Pelican, who’s most known in the photography world for its protective carrying solutions for camera equipment, has teamed up with CM Brands to release a new Pelican Outdoor series, which includes a new silicone lens cover, not unlike the KUVRD lens cap from a few years back.

The universal silicone lens caps are constructed of ‘Premium 25A Grade Silicone’ and come in both Black and Coyote (tan) color options. Pelican says it’s tested for lenses with front filter threads ranging from 67mm to 120mm.

The covers feature a dozen columns on the side of the cap that are designed to provide additional protection during impacts and when fit snug on a lens, Pelican says it offers a ’weather-sealing’ fit. The covers measure 7cm (2.75”) x 7cm (2.75”) x 5.7cm (2.25”) and weigh 36g (1.3oz).

Each Pelican Rugged Camera Lens Cover comes with a three-year warranty. They’re available to purchased now through Pelican’s online store and authorized Pelican retailers for $25.