The New York Times has more than doubled its photographers' pay, according to a new report, increasing its day rate from $200 to $450. The report's sources also claim that the publication's pay rate for photographers working less than a day is now $300, though it isn't clear what the previous rate was. This follows a report the company published in January stating, among other things, that it 'need[s] to expand the number of visual experts who work at The Times and also expand the number who are in leadership roles.'

The Times discussed its 'strategy and aspirations' in its 2020 report published in January 2017. Chief among the details about many changes the publication needs to make is discussion of photography and its role in modern journalism. 'Too much of our daily report remains dominated by long strings of text,' the report explains, detailing ways it could improve articles using visual elements.

In addition to enabling reporters and others to improve their visual storytelling capabilities, The Times says, 'We also need to become more comfortable with our photographers, videographers and graphics editors playing the primary role covering some stories, rather than a secondary role.' 

Via: PetaPixel