The way you tap to take an image with your smartphone, scroll through your photos with a swipe of your finger or pinch to zoom in closer could all be a thing of the past if wearable technology such as Google Glass really is the next step in mobile devices.

Artist Gabriele Meldaikyte is preserving the tap, scroll, flick, swipe and pinch before they become extinct through an interactive exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to perform the common smartphone gestures using the objects Meldaikyte has built which quite clearly kinetically explain each movement. For example, the pinch gesture object raises and lowers a magnifying glass over printed text to show the digital command in a tangible format.

"There are five multi-touch gestures forming the language we use between our fingers and iPhone screens. This is the way we communicate, navigate and give commands to our iPhones," Meldaikyte has explained. "I believe that in 10 years or so these gestures will completely change. Therefore, my aim is to perpetuate them so they become accessible for future generations."