Corel has launched AfterShot Pro 3, the latest version of its photo editing software. The newest version brings several added features and updates, including a Lens Correction Development Kit for creating custom lens corrections, an in-app plugin manager, and a few new and improved tools for touching up photos.

AfterShot Pro 3 is equipped with a completely new Highlight Recovery algorithm, and as such Corel claims the Highlight Recovery Range slider can pull more tones and details from overexposed Raw photos. Joining the new algorithm is the addition of ‘comprehensive watermarking,’ including the ability to watermark in batches, rotate the watermark’s angle, adjust its size, and alter its transparency. 

Another new editing tool is Blemish Removal & Correction, which aims to eliminate the need to use a separate app like Photoshop to remove blemishes and perform other touchups and small corrections. Photo presets can also be applied via the new in-app preset library; both premium and free presets are offered.

Finally, AfterShot Pro 3 features a new modular delivery system for providing updated and new Raw profiles more quickly than the previous software version. With this, new camera profiles are available to download in-app as soon as they’re released by the company’s development team.

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 is available in English, German and Japanese through the product's website; Windows, Mac and Linux are supported. The price for new customers is $79.99 USD/CAD, while existing customers can upgrade to the newest version for $59.99 USD/CAD.

Via: MarketWired