Adobe Lightroom on desktop, mobile and web now supports video editing. After a long wait and many requests, users can finally edit video in Lightroom using the same sliders that you use to edit your photos.

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You can also use presets, including Premium Presets and Lightroom’s AI-powered Recommended Presets, on your videos. You can also use Lightroom to trim your video clips. ‘I absolutely love the new video feature. Since I produce both video and photo content, this new feature allows me to do everything in one app instead of jumping back and forth from different apps and software. Such a game changer!’ said Lightroom Ambassador Tristan Zhou.

Speaking of presets for video editing, presets in general have undergone significant changes within Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom on desktop, mobile and the web. You can now select the strength of a chosen preset, which greatly improves the versatility of presets. ‘I love the preset amount slider! This is what I have been waiting for as I do a lot of batch editing, this preset slider really helps me save a lot of time for post processing,’ said Piyatat Primtongtrakul, a Lightroom Ambassador.

Adaptive Presets are a new class of presets available on ACR, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom on desktop. They’re built upon the same AI technology that underpins Lightroom’s Select Sky and Select Subject masking tools. You can use Adaptive Presets to apply presets to specific parts of your image. The first available Adaptive Presets include choices to make your sky more dynamic or your subject ‘pop.’

The new Lightroom release includes new Premium Preset packs, including Portraits: Black and White, Portraits: Edgy, Portraits: Group, Subject: Concerts and Video: Creative. The five packs are handcrafted by professional photographers. Premium Presets are available on ACR, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom (desktop/mobile/web).

Also leveraging artificial intelligence is a new Red Eye Removal tool in ACR and Lightroom (desktop). Lightroom uses AI to automatically find and remove red eye caused by flash in a single click. You no longer must manually select and remove the red eye effect.

To make it easier to make image selects, Lightroom now includes a Compare View function on desktop. You can compare images side by side in your library.

Within the Discover tab on desktop, Android and the web, users can now search for photography topics that interest them and better connect with other members of the community. The Community Remix feature that was added last fall to desktop is now available on mobile and web versions of Lightroom.

With the latest update, users can now copy and paste Select Sky and Select Subject masks when batch editing within ACR and all desktop versions of Lightroom The software will automatically reconfigure the masks for each selected image without requiring you to add a new mask manually. It’s also now possible to invert masks groups across all versions of Lightroom (except for web).

Lightroom on desktop includes new forward and back buttons, much like you see on a web browser. Desktop Lightroom users can also better control the amount of local storage used by their photo library.

The latest update to Lightroom Classic has already begun rolling out to users. All users should receive the latest update by the end of the week. You can manage and view available updates through your Adobe Creative Cloud application.