The dual-camera of the iPhone 7 Plus with its 28 and 56mm equivalent lenses, offers more flexibility in terms of focal length and framing than most smartphones. The Kamerar attachment we tested some time ago increases this flexibility even further by adding more tele reach, macro capability and a fish-eye lens. 

The new Shiftcam camera lens case that is now on Kickstarter takes things one step further by adding even more lens options. The concept it similar to the Kamerar, with a system that is built around a shock-proof case that comes with a camera grip and an optional wrist strap. A snap mechanism and sliding lens module allow for quickly switching between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro options. The current prototype design includes the following lenses:

  • 120 Degree Wide-angle
  • 10X Macro
  • 20X Macro
  • 180 Degree Fisheye Lens
  • 2X Telepho

The makers of the Shiftcam are currently collecting funds for finalization of the design and mass production on the Shiftcam Kickstarter page where you can also secure a Shiftcam case by pledging $59. Shipping is planned for August 2017. We are hoping to get our hands on a review unit soon for a more in-depth look.