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Photographer and automotive writer Murilee Martin has published a series of modern motorsport photos he took using an old Kodak Brownie No. 2 camera from 1926. The collection, 24 photos in all, was published recently on Autoweek where Mr. Martin explains, "After learning how to drive a Ford Model T recently, I decided that I needed the camera equivalent of the T, the camera that gave the world the ability to shoot photographs cheaply and easily."

The photos above, as well as the rest of the collection found in the Autoweek post, were taken with the Model F version of the Kodak Brownie, one that sports an aluminum chassis rather than the original model's cardboard frame. The photos were shot on ordinary 120 film during the 24 Hours of Lemons race in California.

To see the full gallery or find out more about what it was like shooting fast action with a 91-year-old film camera, head over to Autoweek.