Alien Skin is gearing up to launch Exposure X3, the next installment in its Exposure software line. Exposure X3 is a non-destructive raw image organizer and editor, and it will bring multiple improvements and new features over the previous version. Among the changes will be new "toning enhancements" for B&W and color images, as well as a side-by-side view that allows you to compare two images.

Though the product hasn't yet been fully fleshed out for the public, Alien Skin has revealed that X3 users will have the option of creating virtual copies of images so that the same photo can be edited in different ways without using up extra hard drive space. The company also shared that X3 will bring radial and linear brush shapes, plus adjustable borders.

Alien Skin plans to launch Exposure X3 on both macOS and Windows this fall for $150, though existing Exposure users will have access to a $100 upgrade option. Alien Skin will also offer a $200 bundle that includes X3, Snap Art and Blow Up, and anyone who owns at least one of these apps can get the bundle for $120.