Adobe has launched its Photoshop Camera application for Android and iOS devices. The app, previewed last November, utilizes Adobe's artificial intelligence technology, Sensei, to deliver highly-stylized and filters and camera effects in real-time as you capture images.

The Adobe Photoshop Camera app is designed to help users capture 'gorgeous selfies, food and scenery shots, and more.' The application includes numerous automatic image adjustment tools via a Magic Wand tool, such as portrait relighting and lens distortion correction.

The app includes different categories of 'Lenses', which act like filters: Portrait, Pop Art, Spectrum, filters inspired by Billie Eilish, Artful, Food, Scenery, Blue Skies and Reverie. Each Lens includes numerous filters, such as Blue Skies Lenses with different cloud formations. Users can also download additional Lenses created by various influential photographers and Instagram users.

Screenshot from Adobe Photoshop Camera app for iOS

Within the Photoshop Camera app, users can edit their captured images through a variety of basic editing tools. You can adjust shadow detail, highlight detail, clarity, vibrance, exposure, contrast, white level, black level and saturation. As mentioned earlier, there is also an automatic adjustment performed, which happens as soon as you view an image in your library. You can also tap a Photoshop Express button at the top of the display to take your image into the Photoshop Express app for additional and more in-depth adjustments.

In a hands-on with Photoshop Camera, the application worked well. The application made automatic adjustments and determined that the 'Scenery Lens' would be a good starting place for me to select from different filter options. I also tried out the 'Artful' lens, which was quickly applied to my image. In other photos, the app did a good job of picking out the sky, although unsurprisingly, its sky replacement is not as sophisticated nor as effective as what you find in Skylum's Luminar software.

Speaking to The Verge, Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis stated the goal of Photoshop Camera is to 'bring the magic of Photoshop directly to your camera's viewfinder.' When Adobe introduced Photoshop Camera last fall, it notes the app's role in broadening the appeal and overall platform strength of Adobe Creative Cloud, its subscription-based software ecosystem. Alluding to appealing to future Creative Cloud consumers, Adobe said, 'We are committed to investing in accessible tools like Photoshop Camera built for the next generation of consumers and creatives.'

Adobe Photoshop Camera is available as a free download with in-app purchases for Android and iOS.