Adobe has announced an update to Photoshop for iPad that adds the popular Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas feature.

The new Refine Edge Brush in Photoshop for iPad makes it easier to precisely select parts of an image, particularly those involving fine fabrics, hair or fur. Underneath, the technology is the same as used in its Desktop feature, but Adobe tweaked the interface a bit to make it more intuitive for the iPad’s touch-first design.

Below are a few of the examples Adobe has shared in its announcement blog post. Keep in mind these are specifically-chosen images, so your results may vary.

Adobe has an entire user guide on how to use the new Refine Edge Brush in Photoshop for iPad to help get you up and running if you aren’t familiar with the feature.

Another much-requested feature Adobe has added is the Rotate Canvas tool. Now, using a two-finger gesture, you can rotate the canvas you’re working on, making it easier to precisely edit and make changes to your work.

The feature works in conjunction with the zoom gesture, so you can quickly pinch in and out while also rotating the canvas. Rotation can snap at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees, and resetting the rotation and zoom is as simple as quickly pinching out on the canvas.

Adobe has created a user guide for the Rotate Canvas function as well.

The update should be live in the App Store to download today. If it isn’t, turn off and turn on your iPad before revisiting the App Store.